StudyImageAfter studying business models for several years which I could develop from the comfort of my home, I have come to the conclusion that one of the most effective model is network marketing. If you do some research you will find this is the business models of today and the future. Why? You might say. The answer is simple. You can start with as little as $300 – $2,000 dollars and have a business you can operate globally in many cases. You don’t even have to create any product. Now, how amazing is that? Pretty amazing!!

Where have you heard that you could buy a proven franchise for the above amount of money, or any other business where you could operate it from the comfort of your home if you wish, and not having to pay for product development, business/product licenses, employees, warehouse to store and ship products just to name few of the overheads a traditional business requires.

Now that you know a little bit more about the business model, I have to admit that not every company will be right for you. But, here I will name 7 type companies that I will recommend you to stay away from. This help you identify real opportunities in your search to finding the right one for you:

1) Technology Based – (Technology change so fast you will not even believe how fast they can go out of business)

2) Phone Service Based – (You will always be competing on price)

3) High Ticket Products Type Of Companies – (Unless you are sure they have ethical products and preferably products that could generate you residual commissions)

4) Auction/Bidding Companies – (I have never seen these last more than few short years)

5) Travel Companies/Travel Clubs – (I have seen few going out of business and others don’t really offer deals you could not get by doing some searching online)

6) Cashback Program Companies (The problem with these in my opinion is that the customer is required to spent X amount of money to be able to qualify for cashback even after they paid an upfront cost to be able to participate in the cashback program.Pretty Crazy“)

7) Moreover, companies that don’t market products or services with real value on the marketplace – (This will be an example of what is called a Pyramid Scheme. A pyramid scheme is a business model which promise payments by recruiting other members with an initial investment and not real products or services are provide in return). Most of the time these companies will try to persuade you by saying things as “You don’t have to do any type of work and you will still earning money”. Come on what real business has been built by doing nothing?)

A really important thing I have learned is that most successful companies have something in common. They are based around high quality consumable products or services (This is key to build a significant residual income). I hope this short post has provided you with key points to look at when searching for the right opportunity for you.


How To Select The Right Company